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Article: The White and Gold Bride: Edel

The White and Gold Bride: Edel

The White and Gold Bride: Edel


Meet Edel, one of our lovely brides, who got married on a autumnal day in October in Ashley Park, Co. Tipperary. Edel and I met virtually during lockdown. After a few minutes of chatting with Edel I knew Vionne by Maria Fekih was going to be the dress for her. Maria designed a customised dress with sleeves for Edel,  talk about a dress being absolutely made for you! Vionne is such an effortlessly elegant dress, we love the statement back cowl feature. We love that Maria’s clean, Scandinavian lines and luxe fabrics combined with Edel’s beautiful accessories were a match made in bridal heaven!

We asked Edel some questions about her wedding style, how she knew her dress was the one for her and if she has any advice for other brides-to-be. 

Edel, we love your dress choice…obviously! Was it the style you set out looking for or were you surprised with your choice? 

I love my dress too! I knew I always wanted sleeves so I was drawn to any style with sleeves automatically. I felt sleeves suited an October wedding perfectly. I always knew I wouldn’t want sparkles either. I wanted something clean and simple and something that oozed class. The Vionne ticked all the boxes….except it didn’t have sleeves. Sorcha and Maria Fekih sorted that one out for me!

As I chose my dress during lockdown, a lot of my correspondence with Sorcha was through email. I was hoping to meet her face to face but unfortunately the pandemic had other ideas. So Sorcha couriered me a few dresses and she suggested the Vionne. As soon as I put it on, it felt and looked amazing. Once I spoke to Sorcha about adding sleeves, the deal was sealed! I knew it was my dress.

My sisters and niece were there when I tried on my dress. They know my style and they knew it was the one for me as soon as I put it on.

The Vionne dress is one of our absolute favs! We love it for it’s clean lines and contemporary vibes. What would you say was your overall wedding style?

I would describe my overall style as chic, tailored and understated. My dress and accessories spoke for themselves!

How did you accessorise your dress? Tell us all the jewellery and shoe details!

I knew I wanted statement earrings so I got a fabulous pair of the Gingko Bilboa by One Dame Lane. I wore my Mom’s sapphire as my something blue and Sorcha fixed me up with a beautiful back-lace which set the whole look off perfectly. My shoes were LK Bennett Florets and their simplicity just accentuated the look. In hindsight, I probably should have worn them around the house a bit before the big day. I ended up in my ‘Bride Tribe’ slippers at the end of the night!


Any underwear tips for our brides to be?

I wore a pair a pair of Penneys spanx style underwear. Cheap and cheerful and did the job! My advice would be ‘expensive isn’t always best’!

Any special moments you treasure from the day?

Removing my sleeves was a special moment with my sisters! They both had stitch pickers and we had them off in less than 5 minutes. It was a lovely surprise for everyone when they saw me walk into the reception without sleeves. One friend described my dress as ‘the dress that keeps on giving’!

The speeches also hold a special memory for me. My sister spoke on behalf of both my parents who have passed away. It was lovely to tell stories about them and remember them with everyone there.

If you could give brides-to-be one piece of solid advice? 

Just wake up and go to bed smiling that day. Your smile will make everyone else happy and no dress, veil, shoes or earrings will shine as bright as your smile on your wedding day.

Who did your hair, make up and photography?

My hair was done by Maria Haran Fenlon Hair, my make-up by Kate McCormack and my photographer was Paulina (Syona Photography). All three ladies are excellent at what they do!


How did you find your experience at The White and Gold? (We first met virtually during our last lock-down, it was so lovely to finally meet Edel at dress collection and to welcome her girls in for a glass of bubbles)

Absolutely terrific! I didn’t meet Sorcha in person until I collected my dress in August. She was always warm, friendly and approachable in emails and no question was too silly. She made the whole process of ordering in the midst of a pandemic so easy and I thank her wholeheartedly for that.

Aww, thanks Edel – we loved having you as one of our effortlessly cool W&G brides 

Photos by Paulina at Syona Photography.

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