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Amaryllis Earrings by YSSO

Sale price€435,00

The Amaryllis Earrings are a floral-shaped abstraction of the flower amaryllis. In Greek mythology, Amaryllis was the name of a timid nymph who was determined to win the love of the shepherd Alteo, who was known only to love flowers. This most beautiful flower ever seen was born out of her determination and pure heart. The detailed metal and the handwork are an ode to the raw beauty of the piece and the person wearing it.

Statement Gold Oval Amaryllis Earrings

Hand-carved in Greece. Made from up to 35% recyclable and natural bronze double plated with 18- and 24-carat gold.

Amaryllis Earrings by YSSO
Amaryllis Earrings by YSSO Sale price€435,00